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Division: Division 6
Home Team: West Warks 3
Away Team: Hampton 1
Date:19 Feb 2020
Time:07:20 pm
Verified:20 Feb 2020 by Ted Frith

NomHome PlayerNomAway PlayerResultGames
3-12Fred Holtom1-2Julian Marshall3011/7 11/6 11/4
3-14Lewis Harper1-4Graham Hollway3011/7 11/5 11/9
3-16Paul Smith1-5James Straw3011/2 11/5 11/3
3-18Jodie Hodgkins1-6Ted Frith3011/1 11/5 11/3
3-19Andy Stevenson1-7Matthew Humphreys3011/6 11/7 11/4

Report:I've been asked to point out by the opposition captain that they fielded a team expecting Div 6 players and they would have fielded a stronger team had they known that they would play some sometime Div 3 players! Also, that the home team had a ridiculous number of fluky winners - too many to count!
Author:Paul Rutter

Away Report
Away Report:'At least 309 lucky shots!

Nevertheless, we had a great evening and were well looked after with a superb meal, only spoiled by losing five nil and not winning a game!

Author:Ted Frith

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