Player Stats: Winter League 2017/18: Hamish Falconer 

Selected competition stats:

Date Division Match String Opponent Result
09/10/2017Division 1West Warks 1 v Edgbaston Priory 11Jan van Den HerrewegenLost 0-3
16/10/2017Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1 v Wolverhampton 11Darren LewisLost 1-3
23/10/2017Division 1Sol Arden 1 v Edgbaston Priory 11Chris RyderLost 0-3
06/11/2017Division 1Leamington 1 v Edgbaston Priory 11Jason PikeLost 0-3
13/11/2017Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1 v University of Birmingham 11Stuart McGregorLost 0-3
20/11/2017Division 1Cleaver 1 v Edgbaston Priory 11Luke ParkerLost 1-3
27/11/2017Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1 v Cov & NW 11Jack TurneyWon 3-2
04/12/2017Division 1Sutton 1 v Edgbaston Priory 11Jaymie HaycocksLost 0-3
08/01/2018Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1 v West Warks 11Jan van Den HerrewegenLost 1-3
15/01/2018Division 1Wolverhampton 1 v Edgbaston Priory 11Darren LewisLost 0-3
22/01/2018Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1 v Sol Arden 11Chris RyderLost 0-3
29/01/2018Division 1Kenilworth 1 v Edgbaston Priory 11Guy PearsonLost 0-3
05/02/2018Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1 v Leamington 11Jason PikeLost 0-3
12/02/2018Division 1University of Birmingham 1 v Edgbaston Priory 11Stuart McGregorLost 0-3
19/02/2018Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1 v Cleaver 11James BowdenLost 0-3
26/02/2018Division 1Cov & NW 1 v Edgbaston Priory 11Jack TurneyLost 0-3
05/03/2018Division 1Edgbaston Priory 1 v Sutton 11Jaymie HaycocksLost 0-3

Played: 17Won: 1Lost: 16Draw: 0

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